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10% discount on all BMW vehicles.

BMW M2, BMW M4 Performance, BMW 520XD G30, BMW 750XD

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Long term lease

The long-term rental service is defined by the monthly rent and mileage for each individual vehicle, with a flexible service tailored to the needs of smaller and larger companies.

Sounds like classic leasing? Well, no. Here’s why:

Financial advantages compared to classic leasing

  • no participation
  • there is no amortization of the vehicles expressed in the business books
  • no registration, insurance and maintenance costs, which immediately means easier cost control – 1 account for everyone

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VIP transfers

VIP transfer is a completely private transfer to one of our standard lines. This is the best solution for business people and individuals who want to enjoy private driving at affordable rates. The exact arrival time is determined by the client during booking, and the price is immediately confirmed. With the best cars and reliable staff, we offer the latest vehicles, unparalleled service and 24 hour availability.

Service includes:

  • a comfortable drive in new vehicles
  • our best drivers

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Yacht Charter

The Monte Carlo 5 conveys the premium spirit of the line with great distinction. This iconic model stands apart for the elegance of its textures, the attention to detail and its highly accomplished Italian design.

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