“Principe Rent” is Basic Project d.o.o. hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”. “Lessee” means the person, company or organization which or on whose behalf the vehicle is rented under these rental terms. “Driver 1” means the natural person responsible for compliance with all points of the rental agreement, approved and written. on the front of the Lease Agreement with the Lessee.

“Driver 2” means the natural person responsible for compliance with all points of the Lease Agreement, approved and written on the front of the Lease Agreement with the Lessee. The lessee must make sure that each authorized driver meets the lease requirements.

“Vehicle” means the vehicle listed on the front of the Lease Agreement.

“Lessee, Driver 1 and Driver 2” are hereinafter referred to as “User”.

In these rental conditions, the Principe Rent Car Car (Lessor) rents to you (the Lessor) the exact marked rental vehicle in a separate Lease Agreement and you agree to all the lease terms as the basic assumptions of the Lease Agreement. By signing the rental agreement and taking over the vehicle, you confirm your agreement to these terms of the lease and assume obligations under all the items of the Lease Agreement.

1. Authorized driving: Only persons over 21 years of age who have a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years can operate the rental vehicle.

2. Under no circumstances should a rented vehicle be driven, is not used:

a) a person not listed as a beneficiary on the Lease Agreement; b) for the paid transportation of passengers and goods, and for the transport of highly flammable, toxic or other dangerous substances; c) under a contract concluded on the basis of false statements or personal data; d) for racing, endurance testing, speed testing or driving instruction; e) to drive or tow another vehicle or object; f) persons under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, sleeping aids, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinogens and other drugs; g) while the vehicle is not in running order or is overloaded, or the restriction on the number of passengers and baggage specified in the vehicle documents has been complied with; h) outside the borders of the European Union, and outside the I, II and III roads; i) by not complying with the speed limit or other traffic rules specified by the law of the country in which the vehicle is being driven and the speed exceeding the allowed – 90km / h for the roads of the first line, 50 km / h on the roads II. I III. order, 130 km / h on highways; j) breach of legal requirements and regulations relating to the use, loading or condition of the vehicle or for any illegal purpose.

The aforementioned restrictions are cumulative, and each applies to any use, operation and driving of a rental vehicle. The lessor shall not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by the breach of the stated restrictions by the user.

3. Pick up and return a rented vehicle: The only person authorized to dispose of the vehicle and rent it is the Lessor, and the user takes it in proper technical condition. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle with all tires, tools and equipment specified on the Lease Agreement and “Check out – check – in” form, in the same condition as it was taken, except for normal wear and tear, at the exact time and place indicated on the page. 1. Lease Agreement. Vehicles are rented at a daily price in accordance

an agreed tariff, where one day means any period of 24 hours from the start of the rental agreement. After that time, an extra day will be charged.

The Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle within the Lessor’s business hours, at the latest at the agreed time of the Vehicle’s return. Otherwise, the Lessor agrees to the right of unilateral action to return the Vehicle to its immediate possession, while in this case the Lessor waives the property protection and compensation of any damage. The Lessee shall bear all costs arising from the return of the Vehicle (attorneys, the costs of agents, detectives or any other intermediary that the Lessor hires to take on behalf of the Lessor for the purpose of seizing the Vehicle from the Lessee).

4. Payment of the bill: The customer is obliged to pay the bill within 24 hours from the moment of returning the vehicle, card or cash. The amount shall be paid in accordance with the tariff in force at the time of signing the Agreement. In the event of late payment, statutory default interest and overdue fees will be charged. In the event that the vehicle returns to a location other than the one taken, the final settlement made by the location where the vehicle was returned is subject to the approval of the issuing location and reserves the right to send a corrected invoice. By signing this Agreement, the User agrees that, at the expense of his credit card or other payment method, the Lessor shall recover any repair, malfunction or loss costs discovered after the vehicle was returned, and the User has not notified the Lessor in accordance with the return procedure vehicles. The user is held responsible for all traffic offenses committed during the lease. In the event that the user fails to pay these penalties, the Lessor will charge them to the user, together with the administrative costs. The lessor reserves the right to charge the above costs without prior notice to the lessor. State taxes, fees, etc. will be charged in accordance with applicable legislation. By signing this agreement, the user implies, ie accepts, that the payers are responsible for paying all the items of this lease agreement: a) lessee, b) driver 1 – in case the lessee refuses to pay in full or in part the obligation under this lease agreement. c) driver 2 – in case the lessee or driver refuses to pay in full or in part the obligation under this lease agreement.

5. Extension of the lease: In the event that the user needs the vehicle longer than the agreed time of the lease, the user is obliged to obtain the written consent of the Lessor at least 24 hours before the end of the lease. In the event of failure to comply with this condition, the user is deemed to have misappropriated the vehicle. In this case the Lessor reserves the right to use all legal measures to confiscate the vehicle in question. In the event that the user returns the vehicle after the date stated at the time of conclusion of the lease contract, and during the lease there has been a change in prices, new prices will be charged from the date of the anticipated return of the vehicle.

6. Mileage: The number of kilometers while the Vehicle is in the lease agreed to by this Lease Agreement will be determined by reading the factory installed mileage meter.

7. Fuel: All vehicles are rented with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle is rented to the customer, it is held responsible for the fuel cost from the time the vehicle leaves the office to the time the vehicle returns to the Lessor’s office. The lessor reserves the right to charge the refueling service at the discretion of the Management.

8. Vehicle holding: The user agrees to maintain the vehicle in good condition and regularly check the engine and gearbox oil, if present in the rental vehicle, as well as water in the radiator, battery and tire pressure. The customer is responsible for repairing any damage caused by insufficient maintenance of the vehicle. In the event that the leased vehicle during the lease reaches the mileage at which regular service is provided, the customer must inform the Lessor and make the vehicle available so that it can be serviced. The lessor makes a replacement vehicle available to the user.

9. Failures: Repairs and / or replacement of vehicle parts must only be performed by an authorized repairer with the prior written approval of the Lessor. Cost reimbursement is made by presenting the invoice of an authorized repair shop, however, replacement parts must be provided. In case the repair is carried out outside an authorized workshop and no replacement parts are provided, the costs will not be refunded. In the event that any part of the vehicle is replaced or lost, compensation will be paid in the amount of three times the market price of that part. IN THE EVENT OF FAILURE OF THE VEHICLE ABROAD, THE USER IS OBLIGED TO CONTACT THE OFFICE FOR REPAIR. THE LESSEE WILL REFUND THE COST OF REPAIR BY PROVIDING THE ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OF AUTHORIZED SERVICE AND THE PARTS OF THE VEHICLE REPLACED FOR FAILURE.

10. Documents: All vehicles are rented with the required documents. The user is held responsible for the above documents. In case the User loses documents, keys, license plates and the like, the User will bear the cost of creating new ones at the prices defined by the price list.

11. Passenger Insurance: For an additional daily allowance, the amount determined according to the applicable tariff, passengers are insured up to the amount of the insurance policy in the event of death or disability as a result of an accident caused by the Lessor’s vehicle.

12. Vehicle Insurance and Damage: All vehicles over which the Lessor has the right of disposal are insured against liability for damage caused to a third party. The CDW deductible deductible depends on the vehicle model and is determined by the applicable tariff at the discretion of the Lessor Management and is listed below in the price list. In the case of any damage for which the User is responsible or in case of damage caused by the User’s failure to know one or more of the terms of the lease, the User is obliged to pay the damage up to the full or partial amount of the value, unless the liability is redeemed with a daily CDW + surcharge determined by the lessor’s active tariff . CDW insurance and CDW + daily insurance supplement do not in any way cover the following non-exempt claims:

– Tire damage

– damage to the vehicle’s lower gearbox, gearbox and clutches, vehicle interior and windshield caused by driver negligence

– damage to the engine caused by a lack of oil, inflating the wrong type of fuel or negligent use of the vehicle

– damage caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants

-the damage done by an unauthorized driver

– any damage to the vehicle that has not been reported to the relevant police station The user is held responsible for all the aforementioned damage. The lessor will not accept any liability for damage or loss incurred while the vehicle was rented from a customer who did not meet the conditions stated here. User is

undertakes to settle all the non-pecuniary damages incurred in the Lessor’s vehicle during the time it used the said vehicle.

13. CDW Vehicle Insurance and Damage Franchises: CDW damage insurance covers part of the damage to the vehicle during the lease, which exceeds the amount of the damaging franchise. CDW insurance is included in the price for all vehicles, and in the event of damage the User pays the amount of damage repair up to the amount of the harmful franchise depending on the category of vehicle. The full purchase of a harmful franchise, ie CDW +, cannot be charged for vehicles over 200kW when negotiating a lease.

The amounts of the harmful franchise (EUR in kuna equivalent) are:

A) EUR 2000 for mini and economy car categories (eg Smart Forfour, for two);

B) EUR 3000 for a compact class (eg VW Golf, VW E UP,

C) EUR 4500 for a compact class convertible (eg Mini Cooper vehicles);

D) EUR 7000 for the middle class (eg Mercedes C, E AND V class, Audi A6 BMW M750XDRIVE, );

E) 13000 EUR for luxury and sport class (eg Porsche all models, Mercedes S CLASS, Audi R8, BMW M4, M2, M850i); F) Depending upon the amout of a damage according to value for supersport cars (acc. Lamborgini, Ferrari, Porsche…)

14. Fire and Theft: The user assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to the vehicle caused by negligence or in case the user has in any way ignored the terms specified in the contract. In the event of a vehicle fire, the Customer is liable for damage incurred up to the level of the CDW damaging franchise. In case of theft of the vehicle, the User must submit to the Lessor a traffic permit in order to be up to the amount of the CDW damaging franchise, because in case the traffic permit is alienated with the vehicle, the full cost of the new purchase of the vehicle is borne by the User.

15.In the case of a car accident, the lessee undertakes to compensate for the loss of profit at the lowest daily rate from the price list for the vehicle in question, all during the repair of the vehicle.

16. Damage: Any damage must be reported immediately to the nearest police station and outlet of the lessor who rented the vehicle, and the user is obliged not to drive while the vehicle is in a restless state. The report – a special form, which is attached to the vehicle documents, and its statement of damage must be filled in with all the details of the accident (damage) and must be sent immediately to the office that rented the vehicle. The user is obliged to cooperate in the investigation and process of the accident. The User shall be held responsible for all costs if the conditions of this Article have not been respected. If necessary, the customer will receive a replacement vehicle.

17. Loss of Property: The Lessor shall not be held liable for damage or loss of the User’s property or property of other persons stored or transported in or on the rented vehicle, service vehicle or premises of the Lessor. By signing this agreement, the user expressly waives any claim for damages by the Lessor in the event of the above damage or loss.

18. Changes to the Lease Agreement: No condition and provision of this agreement may be modified or rejected without the written consent of the Lessor.

19. Vehicle Control and Seizure and Termination: All Lessor employees have the right to control any vehicle at any time. If it is determined that the user has breached any of the terms of this Agreement, the employees are authorized to confiscate the vehicle. The lessor unconditionally reserves the right to terminate the lease agreement, anytime, anywhere and before the lease expires, without any obligation to compensate the lessee.

20. Traffic Infringements: Once the lease is completed, the user is held liable for the traffic offenses committed during the lease.

21. The Lessee undertakes: a) not to smoke in the Vehicle; b) to cover the costs of dry cleaning and washing of the Vehicle if someone smoked in the Vehicle or there was a spillage of liquids or food that left a trace, odor, or the like; c) that, when not in use, the Vehicle will be obliged to lock and take the keys and documentation of the Vehicle and to close the roof or sunroof, if any.

22. Lessor Information: In these terms, the Lessor ie “Principe Rent” is defined as the Basic project d.o.o. headquartered in Fazana, Pineta 38D, OIB: 94126609634, and whose business is renting cars to third persons..

23. Lessor Liability: The Lessor is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the Lessee or third parties as a result of using the Vehicle.

24. Consent to the terms of the contract: By signing the first page of the contract, the user unconditionally accepts the stated terms of the lease, guarantees the accuracy of all the above information and accepts the jurisdiction of the court in Pula in the case of litigation.

25. Price list for additional costs – The daily allowance for the majority exemption from all damages incurred on a CDW + vehicle (except for non-exempt damages under Article 12) is 30% of the contracted daily rental price.

-In case of exceeding the daily allowable mileage, the Lessee is charged a fee of 8kn per kilometer.

-In case of non-return of the vehicle within the agreed term without prior agreement ie approval of the extension of the lease term by the Lessor, the Lessor pays with a regular daily price and penalties of 2000kn per day.

-In the event of inconsistent and / or excessive tire wear and tear, the Lessee pays compensation twice the market price of the tires.

-In case of returning the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, the Lessee is charged a fee of 500kn.

-In case of returning or taking the vehicle out of the Lessor’s business hours, the Lessee is charged a fee of 400kn.

-In case of early termination of the contract, the deposit is non-refundable.

– The minimum time allowed for deposit repayment is 45 days.

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